Ana Bella is a Spanish Women Survivor and Social Entrepreneur selected as Ashoka Fellow 2010. Throughout her positive testimony in TV, radio, press and social media (her latest video reached 80 million views), Ana Bella created and leads the survivors’ movement: A worldwide women’s network of 16,000 members in the Spanish Speaking Countries plus Rumania, Canada and the USA, enabling 5,000 abused women a year to break free from violence as women leaders instead of victims. Ana Bella is also an international speaker and selected as one of the Top 100 Spanish Women Leaders to participate in working sessions with governments to implement new measures to protect victims and empower survivors. Ana Bella is actively involved in the Co-Creation movement led by Ashoka implementing hybrid initiatives with companies to generate social and economic impact together with systemic changes to build a society free of violence against women. Ana Bella’s vision is to redirect the social negative energy from violence towards Empathy and Productivity, involving the media, women survivors, governments and large multinationals as change makers.

Ana Bella is partnering with Facebook and PlayGroundDo to reach 2020 goal to scale up Ana Bella’s Women Network up to 2 million members to generate a multiplier effect supporting 2 million abused women a year to come free from violence as changemakers.

Ana Bella Estévez Jiménez de los Galanes was born in Seville on the 27th of August 1972. She got married when she was just 18 years old, and even though she passed her preparatory course for the university entrance examinations with honors, her husband did not allow her to go to university. But she managed to create a successful art business in Puerto Banús (Marbella). She suffered psychological and physical abuses for eleven years until one day that her husband almost killed her, she used her will, her fear and her strength to escape with her four children at early hours of the morning and report her situation. When she got out from the shelter, she was given a certificate to prove that she was a victim of domestic violence to be able to receive a 300€ monthly subsidy as a victim. But she realized if she was strong enough to overcome years of abuses she was not a victim any more but a survivor able to work and earn more than 300€ per month.

She changed herself from victim to survivor and started to act as changemaker when she realized that most of 62 million of abused women in Europe are invisible and do not receive help because only 14% of them report their situation. To encourage other victims to break silence and come free from violence as leader women instead of victims, Ana Bella started her changemaker path in 2002 with the two tools she had: she sheltered abused women at her own home and told her overcoming story in television.
In 2006 she created Ana Bella Foundation, channeling the Empathy and Love of women survivors helping abused women and enabling survivors to act as changemaker empowered women, as well as partnering with companies, governments and media to accelerate social changes.


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