I am just a simple woman, a survivor who dared to dream of a society free of violence against women.

The Ana Bella Foundation started in my own home in 2006 helping just one woman with her son. Since then, more than 23,000 women have been supported to break free from violence.

Our goal is to reach 2 million women and expand the multiplier effect.

That’s why we need you to join our dream and accelerate the social changes that are taking place.

Each 350€ collected means 1 more woman helped.

Together, if we can support just one more woman, it will worth the effort, because one more woman saved contributes to humanity as a whole.

Thank you !!!!

*If you need help in the donation process, please call us at +34 667 233 133

Make your donation by completing the following form:

What can we do with your help?


50€ is the telephone cost for each volunteer helping victims to speak up


150€ allows us training one woman to start working again


350€ allows us to enable one woman to break free from violence and smile again

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